Notice:   Apr-2018:
We are grateful beyond words for the 12+ years of service NJ Smith has given to HPC as the Community Health Nurse.
God has called her to other ministries within HPC.

How our Parish Nurse ministry will continue is prayerfully being considered.
We believe this is a valuable ministry, and would welcome any input on how we can continue with the aim of parish nursing.


HPC Health Ministry

The Health Ministry of Hillsboro Presbyterian Church focuses on the health and wellness of its congregation and the surrounding community. We attempt to meet this goal through the ministry of the parish nurse and other nurse and non-nurse volunteers in connecting with the lives of others, encouraging, being a personal presence, listening, teaching, and showing God’s love.

 The parish nurse functions within the parameters of seven (7) major roles. These are:

  1. Health Educator – we offer monthly blood pressure clinics, educational brochures, newsletter articles, classes/speakers, health programs.
  2. Personal Health Counselor – we provide in-person or telephonic counseling regarding health issues and problems.
  3. Referral Agent – we provide congregational and community resources for healing, wellness, and social needs.
  4. Health Advocate –we encourage the best solution for healing and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.
  5. Facilitator of Volunteers – we may encourage those within the faith community to serve in the health ministry and to meet the needs of others.
  6. Developer of Support Groups – we can facilitate the development of support groups to meet member needs and those of the external community.
  7. Integrator of Faith and Health – we seek to promote the understanding of the relationship between faith and health in all our contacts and activities.

The parish nurse does not provide hands-on care, but does facilitate the use of resources within the church and the community.

HPC Parish _____________ contact information available in the church directory or through the church office.