Click this link to see the Senior Recognition Sunday Video 22-May-2016

 This is the letter Carly Powne sent to the graduating seniors:

Whew! This was a tough letter to write! I think this is my 3rd draft, and still doesn’t say what I want it to, but I need to send it, so here it goes…


Dear class of 2016 (and one who graduated early but that I have kept in this group as I write),

From the moment you walked into the youth room, I knew you were a special class. And a special class you are indeed!

You are the most bonded class that I have ever had the privilege to work with, and that started from the moment you walked in. Your friendships run deep, and I’m sure that they will last a lifetime.

You are a kind, caring, compassionate class. You are a joyful class. You are a loving class. You are a hilarious class. You are a special class. And, because it needs to be said, you are a classy class!  I have loved every moment that I have spent with you!

We've had some laughs, like when you over hear conversations in the tent next to you, or the boys are learning a new talent on a camping trip. And we’ve shared our tears, as life moves us and changes us. Or also when *Someone* gives *someone* a ghost pepper without them knowing…cough cough!

But in the end, you’re the class that will take secrets to the grave with you, like when we have a “detour” (making sure the reader of this letter used quotations around detour) on the way home from a mission trip (thanks for the grace guys!), or what happens in Manzanita…

The greatest thing about your class though, is that you’ll all understand these stories, because you went through them together, as an entire class.  That is so unique!

I’ve been blessed by the relationships I have through HPC. There have been some incredible people that have come through the youth group, and each year as I hear pomp and circumstance begin to play, the tears start to fall. The difference with you, is that not only are you a bunch of unique individuals, but you all have united as a class as well, making your years in the youth group some of the greatest in my life.

When you found out that your eighth grade celebration was cancelled, you asked for a celebration, so we had one. As you graduated that day you were the biggest class that we had had at HPC. I thought to myself, “I’m going to be sad to lose them” because I know that high school gets busy, and youth group becomes less of a priority. I hoped and prayed that you would keep coming, and you did! Not only did you keep coming, but you kept inviting friends and boyfriends, and siblings, and the group kept growing! As I look at the picture from that day, I’m blessed to know that we are all still a part of each others lives, each and every one of us.

You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry (which is why I’m sending you a letter and not a video!), but most of all you’ve taught me about love and friendship. You are a gracious group, a group who loves Jesus and loves each other. I see God at work in each and every one of you. I pray that you lean most on that relationship, your relationship with God, in your life. God knows you, loves you, has a great future for you, and most of all, is always there. Life is hard, we get busy, we get distracted, but know that God’s love is constant and that God is always there to welcome you into His arms.

I pray that you lean on God, find rest in God, and continue to grow deeper in your relationship with God.

I’m praying for you all as you enter this next stage in life, it’s going to be glorious!

To close, I want to remind you of this song:


My friends may you grow in grace,

and in the promise of our Lord and Savior My friends may you grow in grace

and in the promise of Jesus Christ


To God be the glory Now and forever

Now and forever amen To God be the glory Now and forever

Now and forever amen


I pray tonight that if we learn from one another may we glorify Him

and if the road should bring us back together may we be in His arms until then




I’m so proud of all of you! I love you and I miss you! Enjoy the next few weeks leading up to graduation. Good luck in your future, and remember, I’m only a phone call away! Congratulations graduates!


Love, Carly