January 2018    Worship Plans


 Sunday, Dec. 31

1st Sunday after Christmas

Rev Bruce Armstrong, preacher

God’s Toolbox: “The Prophetic Miracle”

Luke 2:22-40

Theme: Simeon and Anna proclaim that Jesus is the Messiah, the one who will fulfill God’s redemption.



Sunday, January 7-Communion

Epiphany Sunday

Epiphany Star Gifts

God’s Toolbox: “The Magi Miracle”

Matthew 2:1-12

Theme: God uses these “wise men” from a faraway land to show the world that the greatest gift of all has come.



Sunday, January 14

Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Mark 4:1-11

Theme: Jesus’ baptism provided the

launching pad for his commitment to follow God’s way and do God’s will.



Sunday, January 21

2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Mark 1:14-20

Theme: To follow Jesus means a way of

living that seeks in all things to obey the

directions Jesus calls us toward.



Sunday, January 28

3rd Sunday After Epiphany

Mark 1:21-28

Theme: Jesus authoritative word over an

unclean spirit shows his desire to relieve

human illness and suffering. As Christ’s

disciples, we work with him to do the same.



Sunday, February 4 – Communion

4th Sunday After Epiphany

Mark 1:29-39

Theme: Jesus healed, prayed and proclaimed. This is still our ministry – to continue the ministries of Jesus the Christ.