Sunday, Oct 7 - World Communion20th Sunday After Pentecost

Guest Missionary from Madagascar—Rev. Perline Cooper

Matt 25:31 - -46 –

Theme: the least of these.


Sunday, October 1421st Sunday After Pentecost

Mark 10:17-31

Theme: What things do we love so much that they get in the way of devotion to following the way of Jesus?


Sunday, October 21 - Bluegrass Sunday  22nd Sunday After Pentecost

Mark 10:35-35

Theme: Jesus exemplified what it truly means to be great in God’s sight by serving and giving even giving up his own life.


Sunday, October 28  23rd Sunday After Pentecost

Reformation Sunday

Mark 10:46-52

Theme: Faith is the means by which Jesus leads us into the fullness of life God desires for us.