Hillsboro Presbyterian Church was chartered in December of 1968 with 67 members by Portland Presbytery (now called Presbytery of The Cascades). This association of churches purchased the land and called Rev. Robert Gruwell to be the organizing pastor.


Rev. Robert Gruwell was called and served from September of 1966 to June of 1971.

Rev. Rick Hull served as Stated Supply from September of 1971 to October of 1972.

Rev. Bob Morrison moderated Session and HPC from October of 1972 to February of 1974.


Rev. Doug McMurray was called and served from February of 1974 to April of 1985. During Doug’s tenure he self-published two books, “Bread” and “Food Groups” which taught the basics of the faith and helped develop HPC members as disciples.


Rev. Dick Morgan was called to join the pastoral team of HPC and Orenco Presbyterian Church with the title of “Minister of Visitation” in September of 1975.  Rev. Morgan’s service at Orenco ended in August of 1979. He was called as Assistant Pastor of HPC in August of 1979 and continued as half time Pastor after Rev. Doug McMurray’s service ended in April of 1985. Rev. Dick Morgan became Pastor Emeritus in April of 1991 and continued to serve until his passing in early 2001. The church parsonage is named Morgan House to honor Dick and his wife Mary.


Rev. Michael McCall was called and served from June of 1986 to December of 2013. In his 27 years, HPC grew closer to the Lord, closer to one another, and reached out to the Hillsboro community in service and witness.


Rev. David Lee served as Interim Pastor from June of 2014 to May of 2015. An HPC Mission Study was approved by Presbytery in September of 2015.


Rev. Laurel Neal served as Bridge Pastor from November of 2015 to August of 2016.


A Pastor Search Committee was formed in December of 2015 and Pastor Information forms were reviewed in February of 2016.


Rev. Dr. Robert Stebe was called and served from August of 2016 to June of 2022.


On August 14, 1991, the church facility was destroyed by fire. Many miracles or “God things” surrounded that event. HPC voted to stay at its current location to serve the local community.  The congregation worked together to plan and design the new building which is twice the size of the former facility.  During construction, HPC members wrote scriptures on the framing/walls.  After 2 years of worship at Poynter Junior High School, HPC dedicated its new facility to the Glory of God in April of 1993 (Luis Palau preaching). The building is also used for multiple meetings during the week, providing space for both church and community functions, including a daily Montessori school.


Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Family Ministry have been a long-standing focus at HPC.  Rich Jones , Paul Sellman, Taun Allman, Dan Hochalter, Dan Abrahamson, Christian Guidry, Heather Keizer, Carly Powne, Rod Smith, Jennifer McLin and Laura MacMillan (currently serving as Director of Family Ministries) are among the Youth and Children’s Directors with whom HPC has been blessed.  Our church building also houses a Montessori preschool that was started in 1999. 


HPC has a wonderful music program and numerous groups where HPC members gather each week.  Our piano/organ accompanist provides music for hymns and our Praise Band plays more contemporary Praise music.  We have talented musicians, singers, choir, and actors providing us with a variety of venues for all ages.


Another major focus for HPC is those with developmental disabilities. “Tuesday’s Treasures” was started at HPC by Steve Ristow and grew to include at one point up to eight churches.  This ministry also started Quiet Waters Outreach which includes two Respite houses, Martha’s Place and Selah West, professionally staffed to provide weekend ‘get-always’ for clients. 


We are committed to missions financially and personally.  Our members have led the way in staffing the local homeless shelter (SOS), work projects for Upward Bound and Habitat for Humanity.  Several HPC members have been called to work in Africa, Gautier Mississippi (Katrina Relief), and Youth missions in Mexico, Washington, Idaho, and Tennessee, as well as the local Food Bank and in downtown Portland.  Our building also hosts AA meetings and a Hispanic Church.


We expanded and updated our children’s play area, added a nearby Memorial Garden with seating, and created and maintain a community garden which has donated ~1000 lbs. of produce to the local Food Bank.


We are a church which considers itself “family”…. we don’t always agree but we stick together, praying for God’s guidance and direction.